Creative Writing Software

creative writing software

What is a Creative Writing Software?

Gone are the days when writers made use of fountain pens and ordinary papers to craft their stories and scripts. Now creative writing software has taken up the job of aiding the writers in bringing out their hidden talent and creativity for development of characters, plot, outline and theme of the story or script. There are a number of creative writing software systems available such as Contour, Write Way, Story Weaver, Writer’s Blocks, Dramatica Pro etc. These software applications can be purchased online for a reasonable price.

How Do Creative Writing Softwares Work for Fiction, Story and Novel Writers?

A creative writing software is equipped with a well structured program which inspires writers with its highly advanced features. These features are especially designed to aspire writers specifically in novel writing, script writing and general story writing. These softwares are typically divided into three acts, with each act specified to help you create the play or movie scenes systematically.

How to Choose the Best Creative Writing Software for Yourself?

A creative writing software is basically designed to help writers in brainstorming, structuring their ideas and sticking to the story line. Your software should offer tips and suggestions during the development of characters and scenes and also automatically corrects any errors in grammar and sentence structure.

Essential Features to Check

So, some of the essential features that you should be looking into are:

  • Easy to Use Templates
  • Import/Export Features
  • Brainstorming Ability
  • Reports
  • Outline
  • Spell Check
  • Word Count
  • Word Processor
  • Conflict Development
  • Character Development
  • Setting Development
Additional Features to Look for
  • Thesaurus
  • Dictionary
  • Glossary
  • Compatibility with Major Platforms: Vista, Mac, Windows

Top Ten Creative Writing Softwares in the Market

  1. Dramatica Pro
  2. Contour
  3. WriteWay
  4. Storybase
  5. Power Structure
  6. Power Writer
  7. The Writer’s Software Companion
  8. Writer’s Blocks
  9. Master Storyteller
  10. Story Weaver