Creative Writing Ideas for High School

creative writing ideas high school

Deriving Creative Spirits in High School

The best thing, for me, when it comes to creative writing ideas for high school is that they can come from anywhere & everywhere; there is no right or wrong in creative writing; it is all about letting the leash off of your imagination and swimming with the flow of your thought waves.

This is what sets creative writing apart from academic & business writing and also makes it the people’s top pick (in my view, so don’t sue me). In addition to various & diverse creative writing exercises, numerous spontaneous creative writing ideas can erupt from any direction; they can be inspired from a conversation between two children, from an interaction between adults etc.

The prime objective of this piece of writing is to narrate a few of the more academically inspired creative writing prompts. My personal favorite is to rewrite old & traditional stories with a new perspective.

My Story of Working on a Creative Writing Idea

As children, all of us heard our parents reading the evergreen turtle & hare story to us for bedtime; the rabbit would always end up losing because of his haughty & arrogant personality.

So one fine day I was sitting with a friend of mine and discussing this same notion of rewriting old fables with a new voice and I don’t know what got into him but he started off right away. I reread his version of the story and it starts off the same way where the rabbit ends up losing, but that’s where HIS narrative really started.

The rabbit sat wondering why he had lost and he realized that one of the factors that acted against him was the terrain; of course he was too haughty to accept that his arrogance had cost him the race. However, he challenges the turtle to a race in the meadows where the grass is lusher & the bushes are thicker.

The turtle was already flying in high skies after his victory so he accepted the rabbit’s challenge without giving it a second thought; positive that he would win yet again. Both meet at the decided location on the agreed upon date. As soon as the race starts the rabbit takes off like a flash, leaping through the bushes like they don’t even exist. However, for our dear friend turtle, the bushes prove to be a great hindrance and he eventually ends up losing the contest. Learning from his mistake, the turtle asks the rabbit to face him for yet another race by the lake.

The rabbit observes that there are bushes by the lake also so he fancies his chances of yet another victory. Thus, he accepts the turtle’s dare. Both participants get set at the starting line, count down from 3 to 1 and take off. The rabbit takes off like a lightning bolt yet again but when he looks behind him after reaching the half-point, he sees no turtle there. Instead, he hears splashes passing by him. And to his awe, the turtle swims by him so conveniently that he makes it all seem effortless as he crosses the finish line swimming on his back.

Getting Ideas from Creative Writing Games

This is just a small example of the kind of creative writing stories & creative writing projects that an individual can expect to be assigned as part of creative writing courses. As far as creative writing games are concerned, here is one that you can play with as many participants as you want; the rules are real simple.

  • Take 4 containers. It can be anything; a saucer, a deep tray, a glass – anything.
  • Label each container with one of the following titles; character, place, setting & situation
  • Each participant writes down a character, a place, a setting and a situation on a small paper slips, folds it up and tosses it in the respective container.
  • Shake the containers well so the slips get mixed up real good. One by one, pass each container to every participant.
  • Each participant pulls out a slip from each container, unfolds it and builds a story that connects all 4 of the slips.

So let’s say a player gets “mother”, “basement”, “school warehouse”  & “commit suicide”. Sounds pretty whacked as it is, but that is where the real fun lies; in developing a story between words that have no apparent connection.

This is where all those creative writing lessons will come in to play. All the time when your head was dumped deep in to writing creative writing journal topics assigned by the instructor; this will be the perfect time & moment to show off your impromptu skills.