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This academia offers writing help for college, university and graduation students, researchers and scholars for their thesis, dissertation, coursework and research writing projects. We are continuously updating our articles to help you with scholarly databases, peer reviews, literature search and academic sources.

What is Academic Writing?

It refers to a systematic approach to content creation that is well researched and has valid sources and referencing. Main focus of academia is for knowledge creation and process-wise evolution of collecting and assimilating and conclusion deduction from data, facts, observations and experiments.

From Inquiry to Text

A research topic takes life from a question. The questions needs probing via literature review to gauge the work done in the past on a given topic. This leads to hypothesis construction and then selection of a research methodology to test the hypothesis. The results lead to a conclusion that opens further debate on a subject.

Sequence and Structure

Academic writing typically consists of introduction, review of literature, research methodology, conclusion and inference.



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