Useful Positive Feedback Examples for Employers

A list of positive feedback examples will help in making the employers aware of how to motivate their employees.


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Why is There a Need to Give Positive Feedback?

The need to give a feedback to the employees is for the purpose of beginning a dialogue with them to reach a common understanding. It is a way of communicating to the employees your expectations from them and appreciating them for their endeavors. Its sole aim is to motivate the employees and to give them a realization that their work is being constantly monitored by someone.

Examples of Giving Positive Feedback

Here are a few positive feedback examples and tips for encouraging your workforce:

Be Direct in Giving Positive Feedback

You should give the feedback to the person directly and not to their colleagues or peers. Even if the expectations are not met it is important to talk to them personally because telling somebody else about their weak points is not a good practice. A good example of this can be a manager calling his employee directly and informing him in a courteous way of the flaws in the project or his work and in a positive way tell them about how he can help the employee with them.

Quote Example and Be Specific

You need to ensure that whatever expectations you are trying to convey are specific and not vague. This will confuse the employee. Here you can make use of similes and metaphors to enhance your communication and to make the employee understand the concept in a better way. Moreover, if you are appreciating him of his efforts you need to provide examples of tasks where he has performed exceptionally so that he knows exactly what you are talking about.

Choose an Appropriate Moment for Positive Feedback

It is advised to give a positive feedback to the employee immediately after a progress of good work is observed. In case of any delay, the employee may feel that his work was not noticed and will be de-motivated. However, you need to control your emotions while giving a feedback because who still have to adhere to the rules of office and business environment. If there is a delay in the feedback you can send an email of reviewing the performance so that the employee knows that his work didn’t go unnoticed.

Avoid Talking about the Past

If the past of the employee has not been good in the company or if he has not performed well in the past, then avoid talking about the past during the feedback. This will make the employee disheartened. Remember, it is his day today and he must be fully acknowledged for the improvement that he has shown in his work. So all you need to do is to praise his efforts and give him a suitable positive feedback.

Examples From Companies : Encouraging Positive Feedback

For the purpose of providing professional development to the workers, Christiana Cara Health System encourages its nurses to give each other positive feedback for their endeavors.

Moreover, performance appraisal software is used in Basic American Foods, that includes several positive feedback examples like coaching and development tips, development activities and a lot more feedback given on regular basis.