How to Setup and Work With Google Docs [Guide]

Google Docs: Creating and Editing Documents Online

Google docs are one of the most widely used documents for writing purposes. It can be used for creating different types of reports, develop project proposals, maintain a track of notes for meetings and a lot more!google docs, editing software, document writing, text documents, apps

Why Use Google Docs?

The need for Google docs arises when one has to create and edit any kind of text document directly from the web browser. The best thing about this is that there is no need of a separate software. Not only this, a number of people can work on the same document simultaneously with each of one them being able to view the changes made by any one person and these changes are saved as soon as they are done making them, automatically.

How to Work with Google Docs?

In order to work in these documents you need to follow the following steps:

Requirements for Creating Google Doc

For this purpose you need to have an account on Google Apps and not more than 10 minutes to start working on it.

Creating the Document

To begin working, you require a document of Google to work on. So you need to create a new document or you also have the option of converting or importing previously worked documents to Google Docs. For creating a new document in Google Drive or Docs you have to select the option of create new document simply.

Editing and Formatting the Google Doc

Once you have started working on a new document or an old one, you can edit them the way you want to. Here you have the power to change its entire appearance in the same way as you did in your previous programs. You may edit document or add text, bring changes to the style and color of fonts, add tables, links, charts, pictures and a lot more. All these editing changes will be saved automatically.

Sharing the Google Document

One unique feature that Google Docs offers is the chance to share one single document with several team mates or even people out of your company. This is not possible in the old program that you have been using. Through this collaboration people are able to work on one document at the same bring changes to it whenever they want. All the other people with whom the file is shared can view the changes being made.

Therefore, this platform helps you to share your material with you team, add replies and comments, recommend edits and talk to team mates directly.