How to Make Appealing Presentations with Google Slide Theme and Templates

Making The Best Use of Google Slide Theme and Templates

Are you having an important presentation to deliver in a few days? In order to improve its visual appearance and to make it more appealing to the viewers, Google slide theme and templates can be used (Darbyshire, p. 350).

What Points to Keep in Mind While Choosing Slide Themes

This is an effective method of delivering a presentation however it must be applied cautiously. For example if you choose a wrong image or theme for the background, then it will distract the viewer making the presentation ambiguous. Therefore, you should keep in mind, that the theme which you are choosing highlights the text and makes the presentation easier to read and understand. (Darbyshire, p. 350).

Benefits of Google Slide Themes

There are a number of benefits associated with the Google slide theme and templates:

  • Firstly they make the visual appearances of your presentation good and appealing.
  • Secondly they help in keeping things consistent when you move from one slide to the other.
  • Thirdly, a design of any theme which you select will give a unanimous look to your entire presentation in terms of background, font, colors, text etc. (Conner, 2008)

Getting Started with the Google Slide Theme and Templates

Google slide theme and templates help in making your ideas shine by giving you a variety in terms of fonts, backgrounds, animations, themes and a lot more and that too for free. You have a large number of options to create from these slides including

  • portfolios
  • pitches
  • presentations and a lot more.

All these templates will help in making your work much easier and faster as compared to making something from scratch on your own. It gives you complete liberty of accessing, editing and re-creating your presentations wherever you are: from your computer, tablet or phone irrespective of having a connection or not.

How to Change the Google Theme

The theme of a presentation can be changed by selecting the option of presentation settings that are available under the button of format on the menu bar. These settings will provide you with two different options:

  • choose a theme or
  • choose a background.

If you are planning to change the present theme of the slides, then you select the option of theme after which a dialogue box will appear showing you a range of different themes to choose from. You can scroll up and down the dialogue box to check all the themes and then the theme which you select will be applied to all your slides. (Darbyshire, p. 350).theme, google slide theme and templates, career, business


Functions of Google Slides

Google slide theme and templates enable you to present and create wonderful presentations for your projects, training modules and a lot more. With the help of these slides one can create presentations from their web browser directly and no particular software is needed for this. Moreover, several people can work on the same presentation at the same moment and the changes made by each person can be observed by the others. All the changes made are saved automatically. In order to work on Google slides, all you need to have is a Google Apps slide theme and template, presentation, business, career, how to


How to Add Content into the Google Slides

To get stated with the Google slide theme and templates you first need to have a presentation to work on. You can either create a new presentation or you can convert or import an old one, on which you have been working previously, onto Google Slides. Once the slides are open you have the complete liberty to make changes on the look and visual appeal of the presentation along with its content. You have the following options in this regard:

  • Choosing a specific theme
  • Inserting and editing content
  • Customizing slides according to your need
  • Arranging slides and their content

How Google Slide Themes Change the Appearance of Presentation

Google slide theme and templates help in providing a consistent and unanimous look to your entire presentation by providing you with the same background, font, color and text style throughout the slides. You can make further changes to the presentation to enhance its look by adding images and videos to make your message or content more appealing. You can also add notes towards the bottom of every slide to highlight the key aspect mentioned in the particular slide.