Performance Review Examples and Phrases for Employers

A summary of performance review examples can be helpful for the employers in terms of reviewing and evaluating the work of their workforce.performance review examples, appraisal, appreciation, employers

Performance Review Examples and Tips

Use of Performance Logs

Complete reliance on ones memory in terms of evaluating the performance of the employees can bring trouble to the employers. Therefore, the best solution to this is to keep a record of their work and accomplishments through a performance log. This is done by maintaining a work log for each employee. These logs can be simple paper files that state whatever the employee has been doing in the company.

Conducting Positive Performance Evaluation

In order to end up with a positive performance evaluation, begin the process by discussing the issues you felt were present in the performance of the employee. Discuss every issue separately and do not start off with a new problem when you are already discussing a previous one. Use this pattern to deal with the issues:

  • Discuss the problem in performance
  • Mention the standards for performance
  • Draft a plan for improvement
  • Offer assistance in this matter
  • Give alternate negative and positive remarks
  • Focus more on the potential of the employee

Turning a Negative Feedback into a Positive One

The following performance review examples will show how clear and unbiased language that has its emphasis on behavior and results can turn a negative feedback into a positive one:

  • “Your work has been below average lately (This is a negative remark and too vague)
  • “The last two projects of yours contained unsatisfactory amount of statistical faults” (This is a positive remark as it is specific)

Measuring Intangible Traits of Employees

During performance review writing, employers are called for the purpose of analyzing the employees on the basis of intangible factors like judgment, cooperativeness and dependability. The following two guidelines should be followed while dealing with the intangible traits in the performance evaluation of employees:

  • Match the traits with the particular job
  • Match the traits with the behavior of employee

Careful Use of Phrases

While dealing with the employee performance review, one should not use the common phrases which can communicate a wrong message unintentionally or can result in being very personal or negative. A few phrases are such that they kill the morale of the employees, lower down their productivity or create discrimination amongst different employees. Therefore, during the evaluation you need to control your emotions of fear, anger or conflict. You have to use such phrases that sound courteous and polite.

Helping Employees Reach Their Peak Performance

The following performance review examples show how you can maximize the productivity from your employees:

  • Indulge them in all tasks related to goal setting and ask them about what goals they will be able to achieve.
  • Make sure that the goals are realistic and doable. By setting higher goals, employees will be deflated and too low goals will remove the challenge in work.
  • Do not micromanage the employees. It is good to provide every detail of reaching the goals to the employees but keeping in mind the performance review examples stated above, you need to give them the chance to prove themselves on their own.