Negative Feedback and its Effect on Employees

One thing that majority of the employees fear from their employers is a negative feedback. This feedback usually highlights that the particular employees has not come up to the satisfactory standards of their job and they need improvement.negative feedback, employers, employees, business communication

How to Go About Giving a Negative Feedback

Not all negative remarks should be detrimental towards the morale of the employees. Actually, every employee is different from the other and negative remarks given by the employers will impact them in different manner. Therefore, one should be very careful while giving a feedback to an employee and keep in mind the importance of their morale.

Impact of Negative Feedback on the Employees

Negative feedback affects the employees in the following ways:


One positive effect that negative remarks have are on the attitude or behavior of the employee. It has been asserted by researchers that negative remarks can be used to put a halt to the undesired behavior of an employee in the company. This kind of feedback is similar to the corrective feedback which is provided by the parents to their children for behaving in an undesirable manner and to stop them from behaving in this way. The same kind of corrective measures can be used by the employers for the purpose of engaging the desired behavior and attitude in the employees.


There are different ways in which the employees will receive the negative remarks from their employers and will react differently from one another. Those who get remarks for being less constructive can result in weakening of their morale and this might have an impact on their performance. Moreover, those who focused more on the negative part of the feedback will not be able to work well in the company and will think more about the negative aspects.


There are also some employees who not only change their attitude as a result of the negative feedback but also take it as a source of motivation. They understand what factors lack in them and use the feedback to improve their performance in the future. Some of them take it so seriously that they work hard to prove to the employers that they were wrong about them in the future. They become motivated to work in a better way than before.


A few employees react towards this feedback in a less sentimental and more of a cerebral way. Such employees take the feedback as a chance for learning and an opportunity for self-reflection. These are very optimistic employees who see the feedback as a sign of paying more attention to one’s performance and attitude towards work so that they can improve their performance in the future.

Therefore, it can be seen that negative feedback affects different employees in distinct ways. While some are disheartened and de-motivated by it, others take it as an opportunity to improve and prove themselves to their employers that they were wrong. Hence, it can bring an insightful change.