Letter of Introduction

What is a Letter of Introduction?

A letter of introduction is defined as,

“A letter written to introduce a person to some other person or to an organization is called a letter of introduction.”

It also includes a letter which a company or some other person writes to refer someone for employment, a position or a job.

In some cases it is also written for requesting assistance in career development. The letter may be similar as that of a business letter in which the main purpose is that the business relationships are established.

Purpose of Writing a Letter of Introduction

Like a letter of intent and a cover letter, a letter of introduction has some specific purposes and goals behind it. The basic goal is to explain that how such person may be helpful for the organization in achieving its goals and what benefits may such person bring to the organization as a whole.

letter of introduction

These purposes must be kept in mind while designing a letter. While confirming the eligibility of a person for a job, the person should take due care while writing the introduction letter for a candidate with shortcomings.

The person should ensure that the shortcomings are duly communicated to the other party without any possibility of legal action by the other person.

The purpose of self introduction is also to ask someone for job reference or for referring to an employment opportunity. The purpose also includes requesting someone to help the person making the request in making a job search.

Types of Introduction Letters

There are various types of letters of introduction which serve the similar purpose of introducing a person but have different tone or formal setting as per the requirement.

Common letters of introduction are addressed for the following occasions:

  • Business letter of introduction
  • Letter of introduction for education
  • Letter of introduction for a company
  • Letter of introduction for employment
  • New business letters of introduction
  • Resume letters of introduction
  • Sales introductory letters

There may be instances where the person is writing the introduction letter to introduce himself to a person or an organization. Such an introduction letter is called self introduction letter. A person may need self introduction letter for a job and also for professional positions.

That is why, self introduction letters for teachers, engineers, doctors and other professional fields are also used by many persons. In some other cases, the person may be writing solely to refer another person for a job or some other employment position.

This category includes the letters introducing new employee to customers or introducing a new vendor to colleagues. The student teacher introduction letter also falls in this category where the teacher is introduced to the students before the commencement of classes.

How to Write a Letter of Introduction?

The introduction letter should be carefully designed to help the organization in making a useful decision. The introduction writing part in a letter should explain the relationship between the sender and the person who is being referred. The relationship should be of such type which may enable sender to make an unbiased comment on that person qualification and eligibility for a particular position.

The comment should be fully supported by facts and should not be based solely on personal opinion or hearsay. The letter should be concise and to the point. The reader’s benefits should also be mentioned in the letter. These points can make the letter helpful for the reader. The more the letter seems to be helpful, the more response it may gain from the reader.

Template Formats and Letter of Introduction Samples

letter of introduction

Sample Letter of Introduction for Employment

Your Name
Your Address
City, State, Zip Code
Phone Number
Cell Phone Number
Dear Manager/ Sir/HR Manager

I would like to introduce…


Your Name

Sample Letter of Introduction for Sales

Recipient’s Name
Recipient’s Address
Recipient’s City, State, Zip Code
Dear  (Name of Recipient)

It is my pleasure to introduce XYZ which ….


(Title: You can put in the name of service, product or offer)