How to Write An Interview Follow up Email

Did you just give an interview for a new job? The next step is to write an interview follow up email to keep a check on any update.interview follow up email, employees, new job, job search, interview tips

Interview Follow up Email: Best Way to follow up After Interview

Once you are done with a face to face interview, you need to write an interview follow up email by considering the following step by step procedure.

Make Notes

When you reach home after an interview, the first thing that you need to do is to make notes and pen down all the questions regarding the interview which you did not have a chance to ask. The notes will include the name of the interviewers and their designations. Mention all the questions which were asked during the interview. This information will also be used in the thank you notes written after interview.

Write your Observations

The second step is to make a list of your questions and observations during the interview. Here you can discuss all the details of the interview with a friend whom you trust. Here you need to ensure that you write down everything that you have to cover with that friend. While you are looking for a job it is easy to be caught amidst the positive attention which you are receiving. In such a case a smart and trustworthy friend will help in keeping you grounded.

Individual Handwritten Notes

One way can be writing individual handwritten notes for all the people present during the interview. Although it may appear to be an old fashioned way but it certainly creates a good impact on the employers for some of the companies who are delighted to receive handwritten thank you notes after an interview. It can also be a good deciding factor between different aspiring candidates for that job post. This note should be kept as simple and formal as possible without many details in it.

Follow up Email

Another very common and widely used way of seeking response from the interviewers after an interview is by writing an interview follow up email. This email is written with the purpose of showing gratitude to the recruiters for taking out time for the interviewing and for short listing you for the particular job. You can also remind them about who exactly you are since many candidates will be appearing for that post. This will help them in quickly recognizing you and getting back to you promptly.