How to Write an Excuse Absent Letter?

How to Write an Excuse Absent Letter

Excuse Absent Letters, Notes & Emails

What is an Excuse Absent Letter?

An excuse absent letter is written in an event when an employee or a student misses their work or school and an explanation is required for their absence. This absence can be due to personal reasons or an ailment or simple because at times people get sick and tired of following a monotonous routine and want to give themselves a voluntary break.

Many times, in  your you are required to submit an excuse absent letter  before the intended absence or after the absence has taken place. In case the excuse absent letter has to be provided from the student, usually their guardian will have to write a succinct excuse absent note stating the reason for missing school.

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If the absence has been caused due to prolonged illness, a doctor’s medical certificate qualifies as an excuse absence letter.

Why is it Important to Write an Excuse Absent Letter?

Writing an excuse absent letter highlights an individual’s responsibility and their ability to keep up with the obligations.

It also indicates that a person understands the significance of time and is keen on finishing his pending tasks. It creates an impressionable impact upon the recipients and reflects a person’s sincerity and commitment with his job. For further tips on professional documentation, check our .

Guide Steps to Write an Excuse Absence Letter?

Writing an excuse absent letter is an essential task, which should be written with attention. Following are instructions which will help one draft a more professional and an appealing excuse absent letter:

  1. The letter should be printed on a good quality, durable paper.
  2. Start off by mentioning the date of the note. Mention the names of the sender and the recipient on the left side of the letter.
  3. Address the recipient to whom it is being sent to after mentioning the date, for instance “To: Mrs. Johnson” or To: The Principal”.
  4. Mention the name of the sender or guardian unless the letter is written by a student who is above the age of 18.
  5. Mention what is the excuse absent letter about such as “Re: pupil’s name and dates of non-attendance”.
  6. Make a focal body of the excuse letter after the opening and specify why the student was or intend to be absent from the institution. Also mention his non-attending dates. In this paragraph, state that you are attaching your document with an additional medical certificate if the absence was due to an extended ailment.
  7. Sometimes the schools and institutions have a formulated excuse absent form in which a concise subject line can be added stating the reason for absence.
  8. Conclude your letter by using appropriate salutations like, yours sincerely, or thanking you, followed by your name and signatures.
  9. Hand over the letter in person to school authorities or office.

Additional Formatting Tips for Writing Excuse Letters

  • Excuse letters should be inscribed in readable handwritten format.
  • In case of a typed letter, use a legible font size e.g. Times New Roman or Arial (12)
  • Try to write a short, simple and concise letter. Proof read it to avoid any mistakes.
  • Employ polite and soft tone in your words.

General Types of Excuse Letters

  • Student Absence Letters
  • Child Absence Letter
  • Excuses to Skip School
  • Medical Excuse Slips for School
  • Student Absence Letters
  • Child Absence Letter
  • Excuses for Missing Work Letters
  • Absence Excuse Email Message


A well drafted and a sound letter will always generate desirable results. Simply include relevant points, a courteous approach and a brief content in order to ensure letter approval by the institution or authority officials.