How to Write a Complaint Letter

how to write a complaint letter

It is always better to write a complaint letter if faced by any nuisance on behalf of a company, organization, institute etc. The key to writing an effective complaint letter is to keep it short and to the point and include the necessary  documentation. Most businesses and organizations want to address and clear up complaints quickly in order to have satisfied customers or members so here are a few tips that would make your complaint letter effective.

  1. Address your complaint letter to the person in charge.
  2. Start your complaint letter by telling about your experience briefly using as many facts as possible. Facts allow the recipient of your letter to validate the legitimacy of your complaint. Include specific date, time and place, as well as the names of people you dealt with.
  3. Clearly explain the situation. The body of complaint letter should be like a story narrating all the events in sequence.
  4. Keep the letter brief, to the point and be honest. Do not exaggerate or change the facts.
  5. Maintain a respectful and positive tone because most probably your reader is a senior person. The management sympathizes with you and wants to fix the problem. Convey your message in a firm but polite manner.
  6. In some cases you can make your case strong by getting signatures from others too, i.e. other affected by the scenario.
  7. Include your contact information; name, email address, phone number so that the management can reach you.
  8. It’s wise to send copies of your complaint letter to parties involved. For example, in a case where you have been told to write to a Regional Manager of a program, it is often a good idea to make sure that someone in head office also gets a copy.
  9. Ask for compensation and suggest how you want the issue to be resolved. For example ask for concession or an apology etc.
  10. Toward the end of complaint letter, ask for an early response and mention that you can always go to other places for your business or vacation since your valuable time got wasted which you would like to avoid next time.
  11. Closing the Letter:  In the end thank the reader and compliment about something you found appreciable. Be sure to keep a copy of the complaint letter with yourself.

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