Beginner’s Guide on How to Use Google Sheets (With Pictures)

Introduction to Google Sheets and the Purpose of Using Google Sheets

Google sheets can be used for the purpose of

  • creating project plans,
  • managing task lists,
  • interpreting data through filters and charts

and a lot more. Through these sheets, you can develop and edit any kind of spreadsheet from your web browser directly. There is no particular software which is needed for it. the best part is that several people can work on it at the same time and you can easily observe every single change that is being made in the sheet and saved automatically.

Requirement for Google Sheets

All you need for working on Google sheets is an account on Google Apps. After this you can begin working on the document.

Steps for Working on Google Sheets

Following steps need to be followed while working with Google sheets:

Importing and Creating a Google Sheet

To begin with you need to start off with a new spreadsheet or an existing one. You can either create a new one or covert or import old ones to sheets, online software, apps, business, marketing


Adding Content to Your Google Sheet

Once the sheet is opened on your browser, you can begin adding content to it. Every change that is made on the sheets is saved automatically. You have the option of entering and editing your information, changing fonts and formats, working with columns and rows and on several sheets at the same time.

Editing the Sheet

The editing option allows you to change the name of the spread sheet by clicking on the untitled spreadsheet option and retyping a new name for it. Moreover, for entering and editing data on the sheet all you need to do is to click on any cell and begin typing. For adding more items to the sheet you can click on the insert option to add

  • charts,
  • tables,
  • notes,
  • images,
  • functions,
  • drawings and much sheets, online software, apps, business, marketing


Changing Fonts and Formats

When you start working on a Google sheet, you are free to make any changes that you want in the format and fonts. You can select the selects which you wish to customize and then make use of the toolbar and menus to alter their formats.

Working with Columns and Rows in a Google Sheet

If you want to add columns and rows to the sheet, then you have to first

  • select a cell and then click on the option of insert on the toolbar where you can add the columns and rows.
  • Once the rows and columns are made, you can bring changes to them by hiding the rows and columns or deleting them. This can be done by right clicking on the column letter or row number and choosing the option of hide or delete.
  • The rows and columns can be moved too by clicking on the column letter or row number and dragging it to the desired location.
  • In order to retain some of your information on the same place as when you move down the sheet, you can freeze the columns and rows. This is done by clicking on the option of view on the menu bar and choosing the option of sheets, online software, apps, business, marketing


Working with Several Spreadsheets

If you wish to work on more than one Google sheet simultaneously, then you can choose the option of add sheet in the bottom and start working on another sheet. Furthermore, you can copy or delete a spreadsheet by opening that sheet and then reaching down at the bottom of the sheet where the sheet tab is and clicking the arrow pointing downwards to choose the option of duplicate or sheets, online software, apps, business, marketing


Sharing of Spreadsheet

If you are working on a to-do-list or a task to be completed in a group then you can share the spreadsheet with your teammates or other people outside your organization. In such situations, every person sharing the Google sheet can make changes to it simultaneously and these changes can be observed by all the members. They can also add replies and comments in order to collaborate on the sheets, online software, apps, business, marketing