How to Prepare for a Performance Review

In order to make sure that you are successful in your employee performance review one of the most important things is to actively prepare for it.performance review, job, career path, job analysis

Tips to Prepare for Performance Review

Even if your firm consists of a procedure of performance review or not, you should be playing an active role and always work as if you will be receiving feedback from your manager. By preparing for the review process with your manager, you can make sure that the manager has a clear idea about your performance in the company, your goals and will help in fostering a dialogue between you to in terms of your career progression.

Following are a few guides to prepare for the performance appraisal.

Collect Important Information

Check out for your career goals, job descriptions, developmental plans and competencies that were set forth for your previous performance assessment. These can be used as a foundation for the preparation of details regarding your strengths, achievements and areas for development. Also collect some of your best reports which will assist you in recalling your milestones and performance highlights.

Check Your Notes From Performance Journal

For those who have been maintaining a journal of their performance in the previous performance cycle should consider its notes now. Recognize your strengths, challenges, skills and knowledge and projects you worked for from this journal. For those who have not been into this practice can start doing it now to keep a record of their achievements, activities, successes as well as challenges.

Pen Down Your Achievements

Once you have gathered all the background information, you need to pen down a list of your achievements. During this, you need to relate them with your goals as well as the goals of the company. Give contextual details to your managers about your accomplishments so that he can have a better understanding of your performance. Collect all kinds of emails, letters, awards and certificates that contain information regarding your success. Also write down about the development and training activities that you were a part of.

Do a Self-Review

Even if the firm where you are working does not conducts a performance review it is a good practice to do your own self-evaluation. This can be done by rating your performance with honesty. The aim of this exercise is to understand your perception regarding your performance with the manager prior to the appraisal meeting. The details for this can be collected from the list of achievements made or from the journal notes that provide a summary of your performance goals.

Make a List of Areas of Improvement

After reviewing your goals, competencies, job description, performance journal notes and the list of achievements, you need to find out the areas where you had to struggle a lot and the areas where you lacked in your performance. These are actually the areas that need improvement and development. Here you need to expand your skills and expertise too.

Hence, it is evident that you have the power and responsibility for managing your own performance and for making sure that you are well prepared for your performance review.