Six Simple Steps For Preparing Google Presentation

How to Prepare Google Presentation For Your Next Meeting or Project

Do you have a presentation to deliver for an important meeting tomorrow? Are you short of time? Well, Google Presentation is here to rescue you with its simple templates that will enable you to create a wonderful Google presentation for work or for assignments in a short time presentation, meeting, career, business, marketing

Steps to Prepare a Google Presentation

There are a few simple steps that need to be followed to create a Presentation of your choice:

Enter the Log in Page

The first step is to click on the button of Drive which is located on the top tab. This will take you to the log in page. On this page you need to log in with your Google account. Enter your password and email address here. In case where you have not created a Google account yet, make it now!

Landing on Google Drive Page

Once you log in to the page, it will take you to the Google drive page. Upon arriving on this page, you need to click on the button of create and then on the button having the option of presentation on it.

Creating the Presentation

After this, you will land to a new page where you will begin creating your Google Presentation. Here you will be introduced to a range of different themes required for making the presentation. The default theme is usually the simple light theme. Once the theme is selected, click on the button of OK.

Naming the Presentation

It is now time to give a name to your presentation. Choose the option of untitled text present on the top for renaming the presentation. When you or someone else is checking the presentation, this name will be shown on the browser bar. Click on OK once you are done naming it.

Adding Content to Presentation

Once the name is changed, content is added to the presentation. For this purpose, you can also add more slides to it. In order to edit or make changes to your presentation, you can make use of the top bar which contains a number of tools for editing it.

Sharing of Presentation

When you are done editing the presentation, you need to click on the button of share for editing permissions. This will also enable you to receive a specific link to your presentation. Once you are done, click in the button of done.

Click the Start Presentation button to view the finished work.