How to Prepare an Employee Evaluation Form

Employee performance evaluation is very significant and for this purpose employee evaluation form is made to discover how well the employees have been performing monthly or yearly.

Understanding Employee Evaluation Form

Performance evaluation is basically a kind of formal system of management which provides an assessment of the quality of the performance of an individual in an organization. This evaluation is mostly prepared by the immediate supervisor of the particular employee. The process usually demands the supervisor to prepare an employee evaluation form which assess the individual on various dimensions and then the results are discussed with the employee in the form of his evaluation.

For some, performance evaluation might be a yearly process but the organizations which take this practice seriously do it more often (Grote, 2002)

Importance of Employee Evaluation Form

According to University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, when the performance of an employee is managed regularly and in an appropriate way, it brings efficiency in the organization and the particular department. It enables the employees to observe the way their work is used to fulfill the goals of the organization and how important their work is for them.

Benefits of Employee Evaluation Form in an Organization

The employee evaluation form will allow the employees

  • To understand how well they are performing and which areas need improvement and which do not.
  • It also helps them in identifying the problems with their performance at an early stage.
  • It gives a chance to the supervisors as well as to the employees to communicate organizational goals, achievements of the employee and what more the organization expects from them.

Employee evaluations are hence one of the main tools used to cater future issues of the workforce including their promotions, discipline and compensations.

Creating Employee Evaluation Forms

Employee evaluation forms are simple to create through the use of several layout styles and templates which are available online. The forms are prepared on the basis of the particular performance evaluation process and the needs of the organization in this regard.

Sample Employee Evaluation Form

Online media provides a range of different evaluation forms which can be used as guides to develop your company’s own forms. The supervisors can pick up ideas or phrases from the templates and incorporate them into their evaluation forms according to their needs.employee evaluation form, organization, business, pay, salary


Tools for Preparing Employee Evaluation Forms

Employee evaluation forms are usually prepared in MS Word document. You can create different sections to separate the different categories in the form. A simple form usually constitutes company goals and development sections, rating scales, job descriptions and a lot more.

Types of Evaluation Forms

There are a range of different evaluation forms which can be prepared by the organizations according to their needs:

Non-Manager Evaluation Yearly Form

This form includes a set of layouts, phrases and words for the non-managerial staff to evaluate their yearly performances by their supervisors.

Yearly Performance Plan of Employees

Take your employee performance planning and evaluation to a next level by preparing a yearly performance plan of employees to begin with.

Evaluation Form for New Position Employees

Of you have just hired new employees in your company and you are trying to evaluate their performance then you need to prepare a form to judge their performance for the first 90 days or so.

Yearly Performance Evaluation Form of Employees

This employee evaluation form consists of sections having personal attributes of the employees, their development over the years and the goal setting plans.

Hourly Evaluation Form for Staff in Call Center

If you deal with employees on hourly basis in a call center, then you need to prepare an evaluation form to check their performance regularly.

Goal Setting Form for Employees

This particular kind of form includes setting of new goals and their review for 30 or 90 days and a rating scale for the goals that were met in the past.

Therefore, it can be seen that employee evaluation forms are a significant method of assessing the performance and work efforts of the employees on regular basis and to keep their supervisors and senior staff aware of the development in terms of a particular employees’ performance. This will give room for more compensations, rewards and promotions.