A 3-Step Straight Forward Guide On How To Make Money Blogging

Fotolia_36625791_XS In the past, a blog was basically your online journal where you were the writer, reader, appreciator and critic. However, times have changed and a blog has transformed from your personal well-kept secretive online property into a commercial concern. And this commercial “concern” of yours isn’t secretive any more!

Putting it straight; your blog today is your content “selling” field where you have equal chances to making as much money as Rupert Murdoch or Arianna Huffington does! It all depends on the amount of effort and “smart” work you put in. Moving beyond this point requires you to have ample knowledge of blog writing and deployment.

In case setting up a blog and writing it sounds alien, then check out our comprehensive guides on , and . I certainly believe that you have got your self acquainted to the sheer concept of blogging by going through the aforementioned articles. Now let’s come to the real challenge at hand; How to Blog for money?

I don’t really want to go into explaining the theory of making money via blog and confuse you guys with terms like “CPC”, “PPC”, “Online Monetization” etc. For me, making money through blogging is something that delivers a handsome ( or may be not very handsome in the beginning) amount of money in my bank or through check. The ability to spend what I earn through blogging is “real making money online” and everything else is either a scam or pure jitter. So let’s cut the rant short and see how you can blog for money without bowing down your heard earned green to self-proclaimed blogging gurus etc.

Step 1: Fill your blog with content

Hand Drawing Content Flow Chart And don’t take it literally! Yes, for making money via blog, the foremost requirement is that you have content on it; and by that I mean loads of it. But having said this, your content needs to 100 % relevant to your blogging niche with zero tolerance for un-uniqueness or lifted stuff. Since the dawn of Oriental and Antarctic ( Panda and Penguin), things have been made transparent for every blogger that inhabits this earth. You need to make sure that your content is 100 % unique and relevant to the niche you are targeting. I am putting all the stress here because if you think you can get away with jacked content; you need to seriously stop thinking about making money via blogging at least. So once you are sure that your content is 100 % yours; you are now all set to publish your blog posts. By the end of this step, it is strongly advised that you have 40 to 50 blog posts live on your blog. Just as a point of reference, mostly folks log on to The Internet to find solutions to their problems. And as a Blogger, who intends to make money, its your primary duty to post solutions to those problems. Now I’ll leave you on your own to map out the problems in your niche to which you can post a messiah-like solution. Good luck!

Step 2: Drive Traffic

The growth of web traffic Once you are done with the Step 1 and have enough content that has the ability to be readable and impress, your second step should be to drive relevant traffic. Now, there are so many methods of driving traffic to your content that we can do a whole new post on it ( which we will in the future). But for now, you need to dig out the traffic sources on your own. Here are some pointers to get your started on chalking out the traffic delivering sources:

Forums – They bring in a lot of traffic provided that the forum has a huge user base and you don’t spam them. The best way to attract traffic from a forum is to study a problem that people are discussing on a forum, create a blog post on your blog with a solution to that problem and then join the discussion in the forum while cleverly planting your blog’s link.

Tip the Giants – Once you have drafted a blog post whose context is something not covered by mega blogs in your niche, then it is time to tell them about it. And since most big blogs believe in ethical practices, they will definitely give you a credit link back and say Thanks for your tip. This method is time tested but requires a lot of patience from your end. Instead of leaving a tip to one blog, make a list of all relevant high trafficked weblogs and make it a practice to tip ‘em all if you post something news worthy or stuff that hasn’t been discussed before.

Facebook isn’t here to sit idle – Absolutely! Since this mega social network now has user base expanding into 100s of millions, juicing out traffic is guaranteed. You can read the article provided here and here to get your self some serious traffic from Facebook. Along side, you can also try out on marketing and bringing traffic from Google Plus as well.

Organic – Google is your one stop organic traffic shop. If you have put some time tweaking your blog post’s titles and content according to the keyword that you are targeting, there are chances that organic long-tail searches will start coming your way soon. I’ll suggest reading Rand Fishkin’s detailed guides on optimized pages and traffic generation for blogs. By the end of this step, you’ll be generating traffic towards your blog and will have around 300 to 1000 unique daily page views.

Step 3: Making Money – The Read Deal

Fotolia_39168231_XS Congratulations that you made it to Step 3. From here onwards, we’ll be focusing on how to make money via your blog. In step 1 and 2, all you did were the basics. Now once you have the traffic flowing to your blog on daily basis, and I expect that you are adding new content everyday as well; time is now right and ripe to sign up for Google AdSense. Why AdSense? Well, I have used many online advertising companies and AdSense is the one that gives great revenue share with on time payouts. At this stage, I won’t recommend going for affiliates or in-text advertisers as your blog is new and bombarding your visitors with ads will leave a massively bad impression.

So how do you sign up for Google AdSense? Simple! If you already have a Gmail or Google Account, simply go to https://www.google.com/adsense/ and follow on-screen instructions to sign up. Once you are approved by Google AdSense to join the program, it is extremely important that you stick to AdSense Terms of Service. Even a minimal violation of these terms usually end up with a disabled account. So make sure that you read this document https://www.google.com/adsense/localized-terms and memorize it. Also, keep a tab on http://adsense.blogspot.com/ and https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/adsense for all information that you’ll need to optimize your website for better monetization. By the end of this step, you’ll be getting paid out by Google for the AdSense units on your blog.


And that’s how you blog for real money! This write-up is only a bird eye’s view of the whole process. Of course, once you get acquainted to blog monetization concepts, you have the liberty to sign up for various other online advertising gigs and affiliate programs. But in order to keep making money via your blog, you’ll need to repeat Step 1 and Step 2 everyday.