What is Research Methodology?

Definition of Research Methodology

Understanding the concept of methodology

According to the The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language,  methodology can be defined as,

Methodology can properly refer to the theoretical analysis of the methods appropriate to a field of study or to the body of methods and principles particular to a branch of knowledge

According to Collins English dictionary,

the system of methods and principles used in a particular discipline

Understanding the concept of research

According to the Oxford Dictionaries, research is defined as,

the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions


to investigate systematically

Introduction to Research Methodology

A  research methodology or involves specific techniques that are adopted in research process to collect, assemble and evaluate data. It defines those tools that are used to gather relevant information in a specific research study. Surveys, questionnaires and interviews are the common tools of research.

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Defining and Constructing the Essence of Research Methodology

Therefore, we can construct our definition of research methodology as,

The organized questioning and exploration either by hypothesis formation or scientific testing  of any inquisition or query by following a set  of standard rules and procedures is defined as research methodology.

Types of  Research Methodologies

Research methodology is applied on two important types of research process which involves basic research and applied research. Basic research includes the work or research that has not been done before. On the other hand, applied research involves the work that has already been done.

The main purpose of applied research is only to revise the work of others.

There are three basic which are then further sub-divided:

  1. Mixed Research Methods

Why do We Use Research Methodologies?

This is a very important question as why do we adopt research methodologies?

The answer of this question is not that difficult. Theories always require to be checked for relevance. Research methodology is adopted to check a certain theory and its application along a specific set of academic standards. This is mandatory so that all research meets the field specific standards.

What is the Function of Research Methodologies?

Research methodologies perform a lot of functions. It applies to a number of jobs being done in research process.

  • Research methodology identifies the research activity in a true sense.
  • It further specifies and defines the actual concepts.
  • It further declares what sort of methods will be required for further inquiry. Moreover, how progress can be measured.
  • Research methodology offers a platform to demonstrate how we can communicate research activity in a true sense.

What is Scientific Research Methodology?

Scientific research methodology is another way to accomplish research projects. Scientific research methodology is more technical method of writing. This gets a start from a general question followed by specific concepts. General hypothesis is narrowing down to highlight specific aspects of the topic.

Next to it, research design is being developed to observe and carefully analyze the focused aspect. In the end, conclusion is developed and generalized in accordance with the real world. If you are trying to know how to write a good scientific research then there are several steps you must keep in mind. These steps are briefly enclosed here for your perusal.

  • Formulation of a research problem most often referred as hypothesis. The research question or problem is defined to demonstrate final results.
  • Next to hypothesis, variables are developed. Basically, variable is a thing that can change. Variables depend on various factors. It is important to note that some variables can easily change while others are constant. Researchers use variables in scientific research processes.
  • Third step involves operation in which the researcher measures the hypothesis by definite observations.
  • Finally results are enclosed as final conclusion in the end of the research.