Reference Writing in MLA Format

MLA Format References

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Are you looking forward on how to cite references using Modern Language Association’s style of citation? If it is really so then you are at the right place. Today, I have done a great job for you. Whether your supervisor asks you to write bibliography or references using MLA format or you wish to adopt this for your academic deal, this article will be a good option to read on.

Here I am going to guide you with the help of different examples using MLA format. Although I am including limited examples within my article but if you wish additional examples to consider then you can easily take help with MLA handbook. Most often, MLA format is used in social sciences projects.

General Considerations While Citing Work in MLA Style

Here are some general considerations that must be kept in mind while going through MLA formatting.

  1. References are added at the end page of the report or term paper. This work is cited in alphabetical order.
  2. All references are added in double space format.

MLA Format Examples

Here are some examples of MLA format references. With the help of these examples, you can get awareness on how you can refer books, pamphlets, magazine, newspaper or journal articles, online database, websites and audio, film or videos.

Books with a Single Author
  1. Verma, Avnindra. Political Science. Delhi: Jharkhand Academic Council, 2010-11.
  2. Roskin, Michael. Political Science: An Introduction. Lycoming College: Pearson Education, 2011.
Books with Two or Three Writers
  1. Campbell-Kelly, Martin, and Aspray, William. A History of the Information Machine. United States of America: West view Press,  2004.
  2. Karla J. Nielson, David A. Taylor. Interiors. US: McGraw- Hill Companies, Inc., 2010.
Books with More than Three Authors
  1. Lebtinen, Russell., et al. Computer Security Basics. US: O’ Reilly Media, Inc., 1991.
  2. Piotrowski, ASID., et al. Designing Commercial Interiors.New Jersey: Wiley & Sons, 2007.
Brochure or Booklets

The reference of brochures or pamphlets is given in the same way as that of books. Reference starts with the name of the writer followed by book name, place of publication, publisher and the date of publication.

Scholarly Articles
  1. “Heart Failure is associated with the Loss of Brain Cells and a Decline in Mental Processes.” Oxford Journal News (2012):
  1. Iftikhar, Muhammad. “Personality: Are Your Charismatic?” Young World January 2012: 6.
  2. Kazanjian. “Navina Najat Haider: The Magic Touch.” Vogue 2012
  1. Mustafa, Khalid. “Petrol, Diesel, CNG, LPG Prices go up” The News 1st February 2012, pg:1.
  2. Mahir, Ali. “Divine Right of Kims” Dawn News 1st February 2012,
  1. Linda. “Home Improvement: Interior Design and Decorating Article Category” [Online] Available at: (Access on 1st February 2012)
  2. Lawrence. “Gaming Article Category” [Online] Available at: (Access on 1st February 2012)