How to Write an Introduction for an Essay?

Writing, How to Write an Introduction for an Essay

An introduction reflects the readers what you have in the rest of the , article or paper. Introduction should be catchy enough that it grabs the attention of the readers at one end along with a desire to have more.

Remember, the introduction usually starts with a broad outlook. Later on, it narrows down to more specific ideas and focused points. However, it should not be so long in any way.

Introduction: An Inverted Pyramid

Introduction of an essay can be regarded as an inverted pyramid whose start is comparatively wide with generalized information. Later on, the pyramid moves towards hypothesis or the thesis statement which is considered as the final element of an introduction.

An important aspect of an introduction for an essay is to understand that there is no exact word limit; however, introduction should be as precise as possible. Remember, it is not a detailed story but just involves a review of the essay topic.

Steps to Write an Introduction for an Essay

Here are some instructions on how you can write an introduction for an essay. Just have a look and get benefit if you are really planning for your next essay.

Gather relevant information

Before starting your introduction for an essay, it is very important to gather all the relevant information you feel helpful for your essay. You should have a complete layout or plan which you are going to include in your introduction.

Insert attention grabbers in the opening paragraphs

To make your introductory paragraph more attractive and catchy, you can take a start with a quotation or a question. Sometimes, writers also prefer to include a controversial or surprising statement in the beginning. This leaves an impact on the readers. Readers become more curious to unveil the rest of the sections within an essay.

It is important to keep in mind that your readers may have lots of options on the same topic so the introduction of your essay should be written in a way that it stands out to grab the attention of the readers.

Keep it towards the neutral side

Another important step to keep in mind while writing an introduction is that, it must be short and a normal tone beginning. Always try to avoid long explanations. Do not use slang language and ensure that the beginning of your essay has correct structure. Arrange the whole essay with managed paragraphs.

When to Write an Introduction?

Some people also prefer to write an introduction of the essay in the end. This is also fine and you can go if it works. The important thing is that each part of your essay should be well organized.

Last but not the least; beware of repetition in the introduction. The beginning of your essay should have a strength that leaves a sense of expectation for your readers. They should have urge to continue the essay till the closing.