How to do APA Citation the Proper Way?

APA Citation: A Popular Method of Citing References

There are many different ways to write a paper. You will have to support it with different references. There are many different ways to giver references in our paper. One of the ways to cite references in a paper is to do APA citation.

When it comes to citation, in your paper, you should know that APA citation is the easiest way to do it. You may not agree, but you definitely will after you finish reading this article. , you need to remember that there is only one way to cite references in a paper written in the APA format. Just pay attention to the slight details while you are citing your paper.

When it comes to citation, in an APA format, the paper needs to have both in text citation and a reference list. This is how it is done.

Different Methods of APA In Text Citation

There are many different places where you can get your material from. The American Psychological Association provides guideline to cite all different forms of resources. Let me now show you a few examples of how the guidelines allow you to cite different resources.


Single Author Work

After the citing the work, you need to add in a parenthesis the author’s last name, the year of publication and the page the quote is from. In the following manner:

As per the rule of APA citation, these rules apply to in text citation. (Khalid, 2012, p. 1)

Two Author Work

When a book is written by two authors, only the two authors name and the year of publication are to be put into the parenthesis after the quotation.

As per the rule of APA citation, these rules apply to in text citation. (Khalid &Rashid, 2012, p. 1)

However when you are citing the authors within text, the following example can show you how it is done.

According to Khalid and Rashid (2012), the rules of in text citation are as follow…..

More Than Two Authors
  • For two authors, you do not add the page number when doing in text citation.
  • You may choose a book that has more than two authors. For this all you need to remember is that the format of citation is the same a s a two text author.
No Author

In case you have a reference which has no author, just use the title of the work in the parenthesis along with the year of the work.


The APA format is an easy one to follow. (Text Citation, 2012)

Same Last Name Author

When there are two authors for your reference, use their first name’s initial. Supposing the authors has the same last name, along with different publications. The following example will give you a good idea of how to cite it.


The APA format of citations is really easy to learn. (D. Khalid 1998, S. Khalid 2012)

Preparing a Reference List in APA Format

When you have completed your paper, all you have to do now is to which you have cited in your work. This is fairly easy, as you have all the works cited within your text. There is not much to the format of the reference list.

You just have to pay attention to what comes first and what goes where. It may seem daunting to remember all of the different formats, but you will feel at ease when you read ahead.

  • Order: All the work should be listed as per alphabetical order.
  • Authors:The name of the author is to be written last name first and then the initial of the first name. When you have two authors use ‘&’, instead of writing and.
  • : Only the first word of the titles is to be capitalized. Any proper names included in the title are also to be capitalized.
  • Pagination: The abbreviation p. or pp. should be used to give the page number of the work you are citing. This is only for the works which are not in volume.
  • Underlining or Italics: It is preferred that instead of underlining the work you italicize it.
  • : Prepare the abstract by keeping it single double spaced format with font size 12.

By keeping these basic rules in your mind, you will be able to form a nice reference list. Please avoid ignoring the reference list. A lot of people are of the opinion, that if you are citing the work in text, then there is no need for a reference list. However, you need a reference list to give details regarding the citation which is present in your work.

Let us take a break. There are many more rules which are included in the APA format. However, you should not be daunted the long list of rules. Just remember that the in text citation should always have the author’s name and year of publication after the quote.

lists the standard format is for the use of students who are writing papers for their business school. It is also mostly used for the psychological community. Let us now look the different basic rules which are to be followed when it comes to citation.

Basics of APA Citation

  1. Always remember to capitalize all your nouns.
  2. When using a title within your work, be sure that you capitalize all the words which are four letters or more long, an exception can be made to the small words if they are: verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs.
  3. If your title has a hyphenated compound, both the words should be capitalized.
  4. The first word after a dash or a colon should be capital.
  5. Titles of longer works should be italicized. Long works include books, movies, television series and documentaries.
  6. For titles which are shorter, should have quotation marks around them. Short work includes articles, an episode of a television series or song titles.

These guidelines will help you form an amazing paper. Just be sure to take care of the .