Education 101: Boosting Creativity in College

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What Does Creativity Mean?

In elementary words, creativity is defined as the ability to create or produce something new by combining the existing ideas and thoughts. Creativity helps in solving the unsolved problems and difficulties. College creative has great importance as it assists students in exploring, investigating and understanding different thoughts and beliefs. It is very important for students in college to exhibit some sort of creativity through their words and actions because when college life ends, professional life begins where there is no room for mistakes and flop ideas. So creativity needs to be encouraged at the college level so that when one enters into practical life, he or she has a strong grip on imagination and knows how and when to yield refined ideas.

Ways to Boost up Creativity in College Students

Following are some of the suggestions that can help in boosting up the creativity of college students:


Take out some time each day to write random things down.  Try to keep a journal or diary for storing your everyday thoughts. At the end of the day, look over them and see if there are any interesting and informative ideas you can work with.


Take a newspaper, magazine, publication or any work of your preference and start reading it. Or you can also get a dictionary, choose a word and then form ideas that integrate with that particular word. This tip will be helpful in improving the creative thinking as well as vocabulary of college students.

Meditation and Relaxation

Sometimes when you are struggling to be creative there are numerous thoughts that keep you distracted from the actual ones. These diverted thoughts decrease your creativity by misleading and confusing you. Best way to fight against such thoughts is meditation. Sit in a quiet and calm place; switch off your mobile phones, computers and laptops. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. This is the most excellent exercise as it refreshes your soul and changes your state of mind so you can think of something creative and innovative.

Remain Positive and Optimistic

After spending hours on some project or assignment, it is natural to become frustrated, annoyed and disturbed-but this exasperation, if not controlled will lead to more dissuasion and then this hope of generating creative thoughts and ideas is lost. In order to keep your creative ability alive, take a break from what you are doing instead call a friend; watch your favorite series or movie. This will assist you in lessening your stress and anxiety level and you may come up with some fangled and unsullied idea.

Listen to Music

Music helps a lot in enhancing the creativity of an individual. The kind of music you are listening will surely affect the activity that you are performing at particular instance. For example, if you are studying and want to increase your creativeness and vision then go for classical music. Music and creativity go hand in hand with each other.

Do Exercise

To improve originality and innovation, you must put your work at a side and go out for a workout. Do some walk, go swimming, run or just visit a fitness center. Perform any of these exercises in order to freshen up your mind and set it free of frustrations and nuisance.

Make Mistakes

Don’t expect perfection from each and every work of yours. If you will keep on expecting constant excellence and correctness, you must also leave room for disappointment and dissatisfaction. Allow yourself to make mistakes and blunders. You will be amazed to see that some of the superb creative thoughts come out from mistakes.

Take a Second Opinion

At times, when you are stuck in getting creative ideas; feel free to ask anybody to help you in whatever you are working on. The more better and effective ideas and thoughts you acquire, the more artistic and imaginative you are in long run.

Make Drawing

If you are stressed while doing a task or project, just take out a pencil and paper and start doodling. It will allow your mind to produce ideas. Drawing will help you understand your problems and also propose creative solutions to certain problems.

Ask Questions

It is seen that many times students hesitate in asking questions from their teachers. They think that they may get scolded or their class fellows might make fun of them. Instead, make yourself confident enough to ask questions from your instructor so that you can understand things better-it will also facilitate you in opening new windows of creativity.

Use Brainstorming

If you are having difficulty in coming up with creative or inventive solutions, lie down on your bed and start doing brainstorming. This will help you in discovering new and latest ideas.

Importance of Creativity in College

Creativity has great importance in college as it helps the students in building their character and personality. Various researches have been conducted to address this issue. Some believe that creativity not only plays a key role in success and achievement but also helps in economic growth and development. Numerous college professors are of the view that creativity should be taught as a subject just like math and science as it will refine and polish the creative abilities in students.