Do's and Dont's of Writing a Thesis

dos and donts of thesis writing

Understanding the Basics

Writing a thesis is a long and difficult task for any devoting and struggling student and your thesis does not let you go until it is done once and for all. Once you have understood the then even if you know and find each and every bit, a slight feeling of discomfort always surrounds you.

Whether you are going through , or in your thesis, you must be sound in your approach and should be conscious about all the parts of your thesis. This will, definitely, lead you to produce a high quality paper.

In this article I have made an attempt to create a piece of writing that can get you around essential dos and don’ts with writing thesis after you are done with and getting it approved. You may develop an understanding what is suitable for writing a thesis and what should be avoided.

This is what I have for you here.

Writing a Thesis: How to Work Out with the Thesis Statement

Writing a thesis might be a compulsory requirement for your MSC and PhD degrees. Before going through any research, first you develop a thesis statement. Creating a thesis statement is the most basic argument that clearly demonstrates what you are planning to study in your research. It is like a building block in the construction of your research project.

Most of the people confuse thesis statement along with thesis question. Basically, thesis statement is a sentence that summarizes your argument that you plan for your thesis topic. Later on, in the research, you use supportive arguments to back up that statement. Here are some dos with writing a thesis statement.

Make a Claim

First of all you should be well aware that writing a thesis is quite a struggling task. Thesis adds new knowledge and different approach to any particular field. Sometimes it also works to fill up the gaps between existing and new knowledge. So, thesis statement should be written in a way that it produces powerful claim for the readers based on evidences available.

Incorporate Challenge and Inter-relationship

After the selection of your topic and reviewing existing literature, develop challenging claim for your statement. This means you have to draw out the boundaries of your paper or research thesis statement. Your statement should have a relation with the evidences you are offering.

Outline the Direction of Your Paper

You should develop a in a way that it reflects the essence of your project for the readers. However, you should not make your readers to anticipate more than you are ready to present in your concluding document.

In fact, creating a perfect thesis statement or thesis sentence is a tricky task. So, you can also go with some thesis examples for your perusal.

Some Do’s for Writing a Thesis

Here are some more points that can be induced while going through research process for your thesis topic:


 Writing a blog is a great way to collect head starts on literature review. So, it is a better option to post blogs on various forums before getting a start on your thesis topic.

Plan the Time

It is always wise to plan yourself before going ahead. Monitor your time and carefully compare your tasks according to time available.

Explore Maximum Options Available

While making your final selection, it is better option to go for a thorough research. Try to explore maximum thesis topics available and check your feasibility for each. Select a topic for which you find more and more published material online and offline.

Well Researched Report Writing

Once you have been selected a topic, be sure to put in sections that are the necessary part of a well researched report. A good thesis report should also involve an , , literature review and .

Furthermore, solutions along with recommendation and references are considered integral part of a well researched thesis.

Work with Experiments & Data

If you have some experiments and statistical data for your , make an effort to incorporate at the right place. Try to add references where possible.

Get Assistance

Currently, it is a new trend that various websites offer assistance of veteran scholars. These experts not only guide but also help you to build a good report for your thesis. So, you can easily hire any expert online.

However, be sure that the person you are hiring is credible and has sufficient experience and skills in your area of study.

Build Small Sections/Milestones

It is a better choice to divide your thesis into small sections for convenient and successful completion.

Never Run

As already mentioned, writing a thesis is a difficult and time consuming task so never rush for your research. Concentrate on whatever you do. Never run to submit an imperfect and irrelevant thesis paper. This produces very bad effect on your supervisor or dealing committee.

Don’t for Writing a Thesis

Here are some points that must be avoided if you really wish to produce high quality thesis paper.

Don’t Let Your Research and Paper Work Pending till Last Day

It mostly happens that you find a trouble-free and uncomplicated paper for your research as well as a flexible person as your advisor. So, you stay relax a long way until you suddenly have to find a setback.

Deadlines might be upon you at sudden and you may come into stressful condition. To minimize such a risk, it is always better to plan each and everything thing prior to deadlines.

Don’t Get Stressed

Do not have the downer press you further after bitter and tough feedbacks from your supervisor. Remember, your supervisor is a person who is there for your correction. Again, he will be a person who is there to polish your work and cherish your ideas for quality production.

So, concentrate and do what your supervisor or dealing committee asks for. In the end you will see them commenting “what a great job you really did.” This really happens in most of the cases. So, relax and be focused.

Don’t Develop Stress Released Habits

It is also important to note that in stressful time of studies some students start spending more time on junk food. They start taking depression release drugs and other supplements. Don’t develop such habits.

Remember drugs and junk food can minimize your efficiency level and you may face serious panic attacks. Furthermore, bad eating habits may further produce adverse effects on mind and body. So, try to drop extra amount on healthy food.


Finally, be focused on your task and try to adopt all the above mentioned dos and don’ts with writing a thesis. Surely, you will get the best.