Difference Between an Abstract and Introduction

Understanding and Differentiation

Are you searching for an article where you can find the exact difference between and ? If yes then it is a right place for you. So, have a look and find things that you must know about this difference.

Shortly speaking, we can say an abstract involves a brief summary of the research paper, thesis or an essay that allows the readers to review the basic points and the aim of the paper. On the other hand, introduction presents the thesis statement or the main problem of the paper.

Abstract Vs. Introduction

Abstract and introduction are two major terms that are widely involved whether you are going with thesis writing or a research paper. Every well written piece of writing always offers prior notice to its readers in introduction or abstract about what they should expect from the paper. It depends on the aim of the work.

However, abstract and introductions are considered the mandatory parts of any scientific research. A brief comparison between the two is described here to make the difference clear in the minds of the readers.


An Abstract Scoop

Abstract is also called synopsis in a more technical term. It is a short form of the final paper or thesis. The crux of the findings of any research is enclosed in this part. Most often, abstracts are designed to present in conferences and seminars for supervisors and scholars to highlight the short version of the thesis.

The Purpose of Writing an Abstract for Papers or Books

The main purpose behind an abstract writing is just to offer the readers an opportunity to get awareness about the subject matter of the topic. Abstract further involves brief explanations of the findings of the research. Abstract in scientific paper is, especially, written keeping in mind the same idea.


An Introductory Scoop

On the other hand, introduction involves broader concepts as compared to an abstract. It is the very first chapter of a thesis or a book.

Purpose of Writing an Introduction for Papers or Books

The main purpose of introduction writing is to set up an understanding about the topic of the book or a dissertation. By reading introduction, readers can easily get idea about the contents of the book.

They can further understand the significance of the topic or subject matter of the research. Introduction does not stand in isolation. It is not limited to the aim of the research. Additionally, it involves several other aspects.

For example, introduction also entails description on the need of any research and the contributions of the forerunners in any specific field.

Some Interesting Points to Remember

Besides differences, there are some interesting similarities between the two. Just have a brief look,

  1. Both introduction and abstract are set up at the beginning of the paper or a book.
  2. Both are designed to attract the readers for further interest.
  3. Abstract is sometimes known as de facto introduction because of the fact that it is written in the beginning of any writing.


In a nutshell, we can say that abstract is a short summary that just deals with the focus and the theme of the research whereas an introduction adds taste to a paper. It is a sort of readers’ appetite that encourages the readers to go through the whole research paper. Introduction is more creative than an abstract.