APA Format in Documentation Style

Citing sources in APA formatting style of American Psychological Association is widely adopted citation style for the research papers of social sciences. This short article offers some cases regarding APA documentation style.

Guiding Principles for APA Citation

In APA citing format, the essay is always typed and double- spaced with 1 inches margins left on all the sides. Font should be clear and the most preferred font size is 12pt. Times New Roman.

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Four Important Sections that Need Special Attention in APA Citation

APA Citing format involves four important sections for consideration. These include the title page, an abstract, main body and the references. A brief description is given below regarding each section as far as documentation in APA style is concerned.

In this article, we will discuss the APA citation for the following:

APA Title Page

In APA formatting, the title page contains the title of the research paper/ project, its author(s) name and institutional affiliation of the paper. The page number on the title page goes right at the top of the title page. Next to page number, the title in APA citation should be in upper as well lower case alphabets not more than 12-14 words in length. Title should be in the center of the page and does not contain any abbreviation. However, it might be a possibility that the title of the research takes up one or two lines depending upon its length. All the text induced on the title page should be double spaced same as the rest of the text used in the paper.

Just beneath the heading of the research paper, type the name of the author. First name and the last name of the author are used in APA citation with no induction of the titles associated with the name of the author like Dr. Sir. etc. Degrees of the author are also excluded in the referencing. Below the name of the author, institutional affiliation of the research is typed. Institutional affiliation refers to the place where the author of the paper carried out the research.

APA Abstract

Next to the title page, begin an abstract on a new page. The new page will also include the header same like the title page. The word ‘Abstract’ should lie in the center of the page. In APA style format, the word abstract should never be underlined, bold or in italics.

In APA style, an abstract should possess a single paragraph with all the text double – spaced. Usually, an abstract should contain words not more than 250. However, it must include the topic of the research, hypothesis, participants, methodology, findings, results as well as conclusion in a precise manner. APA referencing also allows the author to enclose the keywords in the abstract as used in the paper. This will give better rating of the paper on search engines and databases.

Main Body of the Research Paper & APA Documentation

When following APA citation in the main body of the research paper, it must be kept in mind that always adopts present perfect tense or past tense along with author’s last name and year of his/ her publication. Also capitalize the proper nouns. For example if we want to add a reference of a previous study in the text in APA format then we must enclose like this,

Keats (2008) found or Keats (2008) has found that…

Complete reference of the work should become visible in the reference list or bibliography at the end of the paper.

Bibliography in APA Style

Bibliography and reference list come in the end of the research paper. All the sources that are referenced in the text of the paper must appear in the reference list and bibliography. Some examples in APA format are as under,

Widdowson, Peter. (1999). Literature. The New Critical Idiom, 63-69.

Bhandari, H. D., & Melber, J. (2009). Art/ Work. __Everything you Need to Know, 1st, 87-109.