The Big Fat List of 500 Controversial Essay and Debate Topics (Part II)

essay_topics, college_essay_topics, debate_topics, controversial_essaysHumongous List of 500 Controversial Topics

In this article, we will go through a huge list of controversial essay and debate topics. This is part two of the article, you can find part one over here.

Topics for Research Paper

217. Is it a favor for companies on workers to give cheap wages or it’s something unethical

218. Companies should be allowing employees to take an exercise break during work time.

219. Oil companies generally score big bucks than other companies paying over 3$ per gallon.

220. Legitimate rape laws are discriminatory to males and patronizing to females or not.

221. School uniforms pros and cons.

222. Should the government grant restrictions on food items served in the cafeteria?

223. US teens should get the permission like British teens to take a one year gap between their high college and school or not.

224. How do women and men interact differently at work places?

225. Patient people barely become impatient.

226. Shyness is different from social anxiety. How?

227. A normal person becomes a murderer or suicide bomber

228 Terrorism can be justified.

229. In the modern era, women are still learning less than men. Why is that?

230. Working more efficiently reduces productivity. Does it?

231. Mandatory cap should be there on no. of hours?

232. Employment laws should change in America to give workers relaxation time.

233. Should the federal government or state enforce laws for preventing bullying?

234. Is law breaking for a particular cause justifiable?

235. Denial of Holocaust should be made illegal.

236. In a few states, cheating on your spouse is illegal. Should the cheaters be prosecuted?

237. Juvenile offenders should be punished as mature adults.

238. Should the selling of human parts or organs become legalized or not?

Controversial Medical Topics

239. Abortion pros and cons.

240. Homoeopathy medicine is better than Allopathy medicine.

241. Euthanasia is the assisted suicide or not?

242. Obesity must be treated and taken as disease.

243. Cost of cancer treatments should be reduced or not?

244. Banning of certain food item a good solution to a better lifestyle.

245. Plastic surgery is healthy.

246. Depression is over diagnosed or not.

247. Bulimia is an eating disorder or psychological issue?

248. Patients of cosmetic surgery must be first treated for the psychological issues.

249. Epicenter of various diseases a stress or not?

250. Interventions are actually very help or not?

251. Marijuana is good for health or bad.

252. The animal testing morality is overrated.

Controversial Topics of Psychology

253. Its ethical to cease treatment when a psychiatrists client cannot pay

254. Its ethical to bear friendship with clients on face book

255. F2f is greater than online therapy or phone

256. Therapists are on high risk simply for lawsuits.

257. Minor crossing of boundary leads to exploitation, harm and violations

258. Skype is better for therapy than face to face interaction

259. Victims are responsible for the misfortunes or they are always innocent

260. Therapists provide referrals to the clients who terminates prematurely

261. Are therapists supposed to message with their clients?

262. Therapists must respond to the clients texts and e-mails instantly

263. Therapists should accept their payments from those client who have illegal sources of income

264. Women’s are perpetrators or victims of any domestic violence.

265. Doing therapy of one spouse and not other is ethically correct or not.

266. Its ethically correct for a client to see a therapist naked

267. Extra marital affair is always the major symptom of weak marriage bonds

268. Therapists are mostly ambiguous about the diagnostic criteria

269. It’s not necessary to save records of therapist texts and emails once you are good to go

270. Therapists cannot counter negative remarks on themselves on various sites

271. Bipolar disorder can’t be treated

272. Negative parenting has a huge effect on a child’s psychology

273. Psychotherapists are powerful than the clients

274. A therapist and client’s affair is natural and shouldn’t be discouraged

275. Ethics and risk management are not the same

276. Standards of care are mostly static and not constant or fixed over time

277. Therapists getting violent with their patients like slapping are permissible or not?

278. Homosexuality is due to psychological imbalance

279. Sociopaths are result of horrible parenting

Controversial Essay and Debate Topics on Biology

280. Evolution talks of every times biology

281. Animal testing isn’t necessary.

282. The embryonic cell research isn’t essential

283. Autism is not caused by vaccines

284. Alternative Medicine isn’t a bunk

285. Huge Hadrons Collider will not destroy the earth

286. Cold fusion is real

287. Is nuclear power safe or not

288. Is climate change largely manmade or not?

289. GMOs are not safe

290. Stem cells must only be used for cures and not research

291. Government should regulate food that is genetically engineered

292. There shouldn’t be any strict regulation on antibiotics

293. Where exactly do we exist when it comes to population control?

294. Fossil records are very accurate for determining evolution.

295. Research on stem cell has shaped human evolution.

296. Genes are responsible for lifestyle and mental disorders or not.

297. Patients must prefer lifestyle, diet and herbals for treatments

298. Government must permit cloning for organs and tissues.

299. Genetic counseling/screening should be mandatory

Controversial Christian Topics

300. Women preachers/pastors?

301. Homosexuality is a sin in Bible.

302. Bible talking about body piercings and tattoos.

303. Christian can lose salvation.

304. Masturbation considered a sin or not in Bible.

305. Bible speaking of interracial marriage.

306. Christian’s viewpoint on suicide.

307. It’s fine in Christianity for a believer to commit suicide.

308. Do animals or pets go to the heaven?

309. Life after death in Christianity.

310. Bible talking of Christian tithing.

311. Christians should tithe or not.

312. Bible stance on dinosaurs.

313. Dinosaurs are there in Bible.

314. Is there any importance linking Christian baptism?

316. Drinking alcohol declared a sin in bible or not?

317. Gambling is not a big sin in Christianity.

318. Bible teachings about Trinity.

319. Sex before getting married in Christianity.

320. Jesus existence for three days course between his resurrection and death.

321. Remarriage and divorce not a big deal in Christianity.

322. Women teaching and leading in church.

323. Homosexuality- a big deal. Why?

324. Moral argument regarding God’s existence.

325. Leviticus today?

326. Is Bible obsolete?

Controversial News Topics for Debates

327. Does president have the right for saying violent extremism rather than saying Islamic extremism

328. Cease fire agreement in Ukraine is viable.

329. The deal on Iran Nuclear is good or bad

330. 2016 polls really do matter or not.

332. Obama has taken the correct approach with the irans.

333. Super bowl hosting is worth it.

334. Cities should ban sledding.

335. State of union according to Obama is strong.

336. CIA’s interrogation programs should have torture prosecutions.

337. Torture report of CIA shows that Bush administration has went a bit far.

338. Obamacare is working or not?

339. Republic controlled congress is capable of breaking Gridlock.

340. Recent security agreements can bring stability with Afghanistan.

341. Scotland should be voting for independence or not?

342. Obama must have equipped Syrian rebels soon.

343. Is it wise to go to moon again?

344. Trigger warnings does have some standing in Academia.

345. Unpaid internships should be illegal.

346. College athletes should unionize.

History Topics

347. Wars planned against India.

348. Slavery in the subcontinent

349. Forced eradication of the Native Americans.

350. The sedition and Alien act under the Adam.

351. Civil war ended the slavery.

352. Lincoln was a noble or mad man.

353. Maltreated meted out by the Irish Catholic immigrants.

354. About the whiskey rebellion

355. Anti federalists versus federalists.

356. Manifest destiny interesting or offensive.

357. Communism by Carl Marx

358. 1999 Kosovo War

359. Korean War

360. Stolen election I 2000

361. Women getting votes in US

362. African American freedom

363. War that happened in 1812.

364. Industrial revolution.

365. French revolution fascinating or bloodiest war.

366. Laws of Jim Crow.

367. The movement on civil rights.

368. Dixie states were taken for granted by northern states after war.

369. James Longstreet; Controversial soldier of the confederacy.

370. Wade versus Row

371. Vietnam War

372. Watergate scandal.

373. Unsuccessful invasion of American to Cuba.

374. Bombing of USS Maine.

375. Beginning of Spanish American war.

376. Parallels between intelligent design movement and Lysenkoism.

Controversial Nursing Topics for Debates and Essays

377. Feeding tubes isn’t hazardous.

379. Pain management has proved to be effective

380. Computers are widely used for nursing

381. Barely any medicine errors in nursing.

382. There must organ transplants among aid patients

383. Surgery of weight loss in teens is a wide choice.

384. Is there any rise in C-sections rate?

385. Nurses should be given the right to get involved in morally inappropriate procedures such as blood transfusions, abortion.

386. Special nurse should be assigned for drug addicts who are pregnant.

387. Shifts length should be increased or decreased?

388. Implanting embryo kept prior to sex selection.

389. More male nurses than female must be encouraged.

390. Mostly nurses divert into narcotics.

391. There should be special healthcare department for nurses.

392. Does a nurse frequently get too much of work?

Controversial Essay and Debate Topics on Animals

393. Should America pay aid to those countries that sell and kill items from hazardous animals?

394. Are animals destroying the environment?

395. Is it necessary to treat an animal like a human before slaughtering it?

396. Deducting steroids or other chemicals from animal’s food a wise choice.

397. Pets must be mandatory to prisoners or old people

398. Cats are better than dogs

399. Capturing dolphins and whales as captives just for display.

400. Shooting animals for making food or cloth is justified.

401. Snatching an animal’s freedom is a crime.

402. There should be a ban on animal testing

403. Animals are sincere than humans nowadays

404. Should animals be adopted?

406. It’s not necessary to secure animals rights

407. Animals should be used for making hair and skin products for humans

408. Animals must be taken as lesser beings

Argumentative Topics for Essays and Debates

409. Everybody must be vegetarians.

410. Women’s shouldn’t be given the voting right.

411. Those who do not recycle must be fined.

412. Marriages of the same sex must be legal.

413. Racing industry must be strongly forced to make use of biofuels.

414. At what age should parents let their children decide for themselves?

415. What age should be declared for dating?

416. Can boredom cause trouble?

417. Sports participations keeps teen away from difficulties?

418. Competition is a good thing.

419. Religion is the main cause of war.

420. Government should provide complete health care or not?

421. Girls must start asking out boys.

422. Fashion is extremely important. Yes or no.

423. Girls are too mean towards their own gender.

424. Is homework helpful or harmful?

425. Students should be given the authority to grade teachers.

426. Costs of colleges are too high.

427. College admissions have become too competitive.

428. Lottery is a great or bad idea.

429. Plastic surgeries must be encouraged

430. Election processes are fair

431. Can tortured ever accepted?

432. Is the taxation system fair?

433. Curfews keeps the teens away from troubles

434. We are too dependent on the computers or not?

435. Parents have no idea of what child is doing on internet.

436. Cell phones have questioned our mannerism.

437. Test scores are always a good sign of schools competency

438. Our society is throw-away. Isn’t it?

439. Child behavior was better before and has become worse now.

440. Government should set out diets for us or not?

441. Condoms access ceases teen pregnancy or it’s useless?

442. Condoms being approachable directs to dangerous, bad or irresponsible behavior?

443. CEOs are being paid a lot.

444. Violence has entered through video games.

445. Creationism must be lectured in schools.

446. Beauty pageants are always exploitive.

447. Human trafficking should be denied

448. Adopting a child from different ethnic group can have a negative impact on the infant.

449. Plastic surgery is the best way for the actors to look more beautiful

450. Unnecessary do more good than harm.

451. Is the intake of pill for or friend?

452. A moronic person shouldn’t be taken as a murderer.

453. All leading nations are created on efforts of the immigrant communities

454. Weak government planning always refrains successful immigration

455. Genetic cloning isn’t a harmful process

456. Banning abortion can go against the women’s rights

457. Abortion should be denied except the rape cases

458. Divorce can have positive impacts on children

459. Crime can be justified with any past trauma

460. child birth is due to social pressure and not individual willingness

Controversial Funny Topics

461. Social sites are just the sophisticated mean for stalking others.

462. Torture is justified for the national security.

463. Peer pressure is beneficial or harmful to individuals?

464. Death penalty must be completely taken away?

465. Beauty pageants are the way to objectify women.

466. Cigarettes must be abandoned from the society forever.

467. Moving in together before marriage isn’t a big deal.

468. Debit cards are harmful than credit cards.

469. Zoos concept must be nullified.

470. Fired food comes with warning or not?

471. Sex related education should be abolished in schools.

472. Teaching music and arts should become a requirement.

473. Nuclear energy has destroyed the society.

474. Dissecting animals must be discouraged in schools.

475. Only money motivates many people working in a workplace.

476. System of boarding in schools is cruel.

477. Libraries must bear a list of banned books.

478. Bullying in schools shouldn’t be stopped.

479. School uniforms always help in improving learning environment.

480. Which gender is more complicated; women or men?

481. Humans live to eat and not eat to live.

482. Older women must be permitted to marry young men.

483. It’s better to be rich and dishonest or honest and poor.

484. Nursery rhymes have interior meanings.

485. Being women is more advantageous over men.

486. Pirates are much more real than ninjas.

487. Vampires get AIDS by sucking blood.

488. Daydreaming is better than night dreaming

489. US won’t ever have woman president

490. Did universe came into being naturally or did God created it?

491. Face to face communication has reduced due to face book.

492. We are some sort of aliens.

493. Best dating techniques.

494. Bottled water is better than regular water.

495. Vampire diaries are a much better show than friends.

495. Best pizza topping.

496. Are superman and batman misleading idols?

497. Hip hop music is better than rock n roll music.

498. Most likeable season of this year.

499. It’s better to date a person who’s popular and attractive but not smart and intelligent.

500. Half hour of everyday’s physical education for student’s health is a good idea.