The Big Fat List of 500 Controversial Essay and Debate Topics (Part I)

essay_topics, college_essay_topics, debate_topics, controversial_essaysWhat is a Controversial Topic?

Controversial topics are always very challenging for a writer. That’s just because of the peculiar fact which speaks of topics covering powerful issues that everyone already feels about strongly. These can also be considered as debatable topics because they hold a large room for excessive arguments. Controversy is the phase in which prolonged public debates and disputes take place.

There are topics that provoke and have the tendency to heat up the atmosphere between two parties or individuals due to their conflicting viewpoints.

In this article, we will go through a huge list of controversial essay and debate topics. This is part one of the article, you can find part two over here.

What is a Good Controversial Topic?

All essay topics that are said to be debatable are offensive or holds duality in nature. A commendable controversial topic is the one that arouses completely different opinions among people which comes through divergence in their minds and mythologies. The best debatable topics forces one to come up with questions that can’t be conveniently answered. Such subjects don’t have hundred percent certainty and leaves space for a bulk of questions. There are some topics powerfully disputable in their own domains and they serve as a fabulous base to begin your essay with. For instance;

1. Abortion

This topic excites polarizing opinion because it’s viewed as a murder. Never lay your emphasis on one side of the story. Don’t just sight a woman aborting her child as a murderer but also consider her helplessness in giving up something because she can’t afford a comfortable or healthy living for that infant.

2. Legalizing Drugs

If you pick this topic, invoke the reader to bring questions saying that why a particular country imprisons and prosecutes those who make use of illicit drugs like heroin, cocaine and marijuana yet permit other pleasure arising drugs such as tobacco, caffeine and alcohol. Arguments are incepted both in favor and against the topic.

Humongous List of 500 Controversial Topics

Teenager Topics

1. The pros and cons of brutal video games.

2. Students must have jobs after school.

3. Ban on homework.

4. Media and the suicide.

5. Greatest struggle; education vs. vacation.

6. Peers are important for teenagers.

7. Who is better: David Archuleta or Justin Bieber?

8. Movies with mothers.

9. What’s wrong in allowing electronics to teens in schools?

10. Writing poetry is better or listening to pop songs?

11. School uniforms aren’t essential.

12. PTC of students is a bad idea.

13. Students should serve the community for one year.

14. Students must be granted with the permission of leaving school just for lunch.

15. Public prayer must be restricted in schools.

16. Grades must be abolished.

17. Video games aren’t healthy.

18. History is the most important course in school.

19. Ban on tracking students for schools.

20. In order to graduate, students must pass algebra.

21. Marks on student’s handwriting shouldn’t be deducted.

22. Teenagers shouldn’t be stopped from having affairs at a tender age.

23. Teenage pregnancies must be acceptable.

24. The concept leading to fulfillment of sexual desires among teenagers should be encouraged.

Controversial Media Topics

25. Comments on social media must be secured by a free speech.

26. Should coverage of media be regulated?

27. The impact of media coverage during elections.

28. Media have made people more critical than ever.

29. Media can be taken as the exploitation of media.

30. Due to media, people have become more violent.

31. Do the social media make you feel good or bad?

32. Filming has polluted people’s minds.

33. Media serves us as destruction.

34. Access of YouTube in schools should be blocked.

35. Teachers should be restricted to get in touch with students through any social medium.

Controversial Political Topics for Debates and Essays

36. How does the elected female officer different from the elected male officer?

37. Is it important for having equal depiction of races and genders in political offices?

38. Political campaigns should get money donation from corporations.

39. How can minorities turn into police officers?

40. Should the rights of writers and artists be secured on internet?

41. Rich people should pay much more taxes than a layman.

42. Do big shots have any moral obligations?

43. Is it necessary for a leader to be a socialite?

44. Is it appropriate for any government to ban a human’s right to speak freely?

45. Space mission flying to Mars should be funded by US Government.

46. The best way to a better government is democracy.

47. Penalty on one’s death should be overruled.

48. Citizens who don’t put a vote must be fined.

49. The right of bearing arms is an essential constitutional amendment

50. Accelerating rates of taxes are unfair.

51. Voting age must be reduced.

52. America should refrain from providing foreign aid.

53. Wireless service should be provided by the government for everyone.

54. US senators and representatives must have some term limits.

Controversial Sports Topics

56. Trophies participation in athletics. Good or bad idea.

57. Are dictatorial sports parents harmful or helpful?

58. Punishment for young children on competing at athletics.

59. Sport stars must create a positive impact as role models.

60. Performance encouraging drugs must be granted in sports.

61. Shoe companies must give shoes for free to school athletes.

62. Is NFL getting mild with Concussion rules?

63. Can soccer turn out to be fifth topmost sport?

64. Playoffs or BCS?

65. NBA or AAU?

66. Not to or to DH?

67. Kobe is better than LeBron.

68. Kobe is on its way down.

69. Spirit of rule or simply the rule?

70. Does instant replay help?

71. Fans should be censored or not?

72. Is Tom good for Gisele?

73. Colleges should suffer because of their athlete’s loss.

74. Boxing can be saved or not?

75. Is MMA going to kill boxing?

76. MMA must be legal.

77. Steroids should be monetized or legalized?

78. Should all steroid Users enter the Fame hall?

79. Owners or players?

80. What is suggestive; soft cap, no cap or hard cap?

81. Peter Rose should be in Hall of Fame.

82. Should athletes become role models?

83. Athlete’s diet shouldn’t be different from other people.

Controversial Healthcare and Food Topics for Essay and Debates

84. Increase in the child’s obesity. Reasons.

85. How to encourage children for becoming more active?

86. Diet sometimes affects a humans well being and not all the time.

87. A diet that perfectly suits your genetics must be designed.

88. Sugar is dangerous than artificial sweetener.

89. Genetics can be challenged with diet and exercise.

90. Can there be a disparity bridge between obesity and malnutrition.

91. Drinking alcohol should be encouraged as its consumption is healthy.

92. Exercise is related to ones brain health.

93. Yoga is the best way to fitness.

94. Does smoking continue to be problematic among the teenagers?

95. Antismoking are effective or not?

96. Is driving and driving still badly effecting teenagers?

97. Is it essential to have a healthy lunch program at school?

98. People are barely concerned about where their food is coming from.

99. Eating meat is ethical or not.

100. In your opinion, your Tacos are appropriated or authentic.

101. Government should make small seized sugary drinks.

102. Marijuana should get legal.

103. pasteurized milk is better than raw milk

104. All milk must be pasteurized.

105. Alfalfa sprouts aren’t worth eating anymore

106. GMOs shouldn’t be kept in mind. One should simply eat and not avoid.

107. Students must be required for taking drug tests.

108. Should smoking be banned?

109. Obsession with food has dominated the bigger problems we have in hand

110. Are we all meant for eating meat?

111. Foie gras should be banned

112. Is food nowadays new rock

113. New world wine is superior than the Old world

114. People should own backyard chickens

115. Keeping chicken is helpful or harmful

116. Fast food is not bad for health.

117. Corn fed is better than grass fed

118. Grass fed is the only solution to the bovine problems

119. Is it possible to treat a hangover

120. The drinking age of alcohol should be decreased or increased?

Controversial Parenting Topics

121. Parents shouldn’t decide when you can drink alcohol or buy cigarettes.

122. Teenage girls should have access to birth control medicines without prescription.

123. Are parents punishing children for achieving what they want?

124. Is appropriate behavior only be taught by parents.

125. How should parents teach their children regarding sex and puberty?

126. How parents should be handling a horrible report card.

127. Should children get freedom by their parents for wearing whatever they like?

128. Parents are most of the times unfair towards their children.

129. Should parents give the authority to teen to govern their lives and take decisions all by themselves?

130. Partial abortion should be declared illegal.

131. Before giving birth to a child, parents must attend the parenting classes.

132. Parents should have the authority to pick their child’s gender.

133. Parents should or should not censor literature and other textbooks for their child in school?

Controversial Art Topics

134. Is art essential in our lives?

135. Art schools should be abandoned in every state.

136. Art keep one young at heart.

137. Does art represents vulgarity?

138. Is Graffiti considered an art?

139. When is the art not originally an art?

140. What do you think makes a good art commercial?

141. Pop culture comes through serious art study.

142. Is video game a complete work of arts?

143. People have forgotten to sketch a line between fiction and truth.

144. The world of art has made people unrealistic.

145. Each student must take courses of performing arts.

146. MMA (mixed martial arts) must be banned completely.

147. Music sharing through internet should be permitted.

Controversial Technology Topics

148. Should Barbie shows be banned on TV?

149. Does the advancement in technology means that mankind is losing necessary historical information?

150. Regulations of realty T.V programs.

151. Cell phones have a control on our relationships.

152. Computers bring revolution to a humans mind.

153. Cell phone and texting has made people less attentive.

154. Face to face talking is not better than texts, cell phones and emails.

155. Textbooks must be substituted by online resources and i-Pad.

156. Online technologies aren’t changing our living style.

157. Is technology trying to reconstruct the definition of a human?

158. Should we have strict laws for using cell phones in cars?

159. Macs have no comparison with PCs.

160. IPhones are way better than Androids.

161. Social media doesn’t change family relationships.

162. Should parent restrict teenagers from frequently sitting on social media?

163. Private policies that should be held by the companies of social media.

164. What should not or should be posted by the college students on face book?

165. Should scientists get the permission for experimenting on the human embryos?

166. Possible uses of nanotechnology in future.

Controversial Military Topics For Debates and Essays

167. War is inevitable. True or not?

168. How do you think war can become an integral part of society?

169. Is there any justification of war?

170. Establishing peace is not possible.

171. Should US remain acting as policeman to other countries?

172. Testing of nuclear weapon has affected the present pollution crisis.

173. Are there any war effects in Middle Eastern areas or not?

174. How the US states should protect itself from terrorism?

175. Drone warfare is ethical.

176. Cyber warfare is becoming important. How and why?

177. US engage itself in cyber war on various other countries?

178. Military spending should be decreased and increased in US?

179. Drone attacks have become necessary for modern warfare.

180. A border line must be drawn between Mexico and US.

Discussion Topics

181. Does a beauty contest create a positive impact on young girls?

182. Truth tends toward evolution more than creationism.

183. Is it wise enough to be completely dependent on the nuclear power?

184. Climate change is a great threat to human species or not.

185. Plastic bags use should be banned forever.

186. Is it necessary to pay for the music you have made?

187. Existence of religious persecution.

188. Should the authorities grant people to create designer babies?

189. Adopting a child from any other ethnic group is a bad idea or good idea?

190. Schools should start teaching multiculturalism.

191. Churches should work hard to become multi racial.

192. Should the states allow gay couple marriages?

193. Newspaper reporters must be required for revealing their sources.

194. Globing warming is a hoax or its being exaggerated?

195. Does age really matters in a love relationship?

196. The government must subsidize the Replaceable types of energy.

197. There must be a ban on human clothing

198. Driving age must be increased.

199. Affirmative action must be put to an end.

Controversial Education Topics

200. Is it compulsory to have high school examination nationally?

201. Does testing statewide (like STAAR/TAKS test in state Texas) increase the knowledge of a student?

202. Should colleges abandon reliance on ACT and SAT scores for admissions?

203. Should US adopt the educational system similar to Europe?

204. Causes of students graduating without acquiring basic skills.

205. Comparison of American students from other countries students.

206. Technology playing a bad role in education

207. Liberal arts is of no value in education

208. Students should be forbidden to pick courses of foreign language.

209. Schools should not spend money on subjects of fine arts.

210. A student who doesn’t speak English must not be taught in the public schools.

211. College athletes should be paid or not?

212. Schools having the same sex students are much better.

213. Cyber bullying caught by a student even outside the school premises must be hindered by the schools admin.

214. Section of poetry should be eliminated from curriculum.

215. Students must adopt online courses.

216. Intelligent design must be taught and introduced in the science class.