Six Killer Tips on Making a Strong Thesis Statement

How to Make a Strong Thesis Statement let’s have brief information about thesis statement and it’s significance in writing an essay or thesis. A Brief Information to Thesis Statement No matter what kind of an essay you are writing, short or lengthy, the thesis statement might be a difficult statement to construct. Thesis statement, formulated(…)

How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

How to Write a Scholarship Essay When that point in life arrives where you want to get into a college on scholarship, most of us seem to be panicked because the college committee requires you to write an essay that outmatches the rest and we don’t know how to make the most of our writing(…)

Definition and Usage of Ampersand in English Language

Definition and Usage of Ampersand in English Language The word “and” cannot be simply written as and only. We can use a symbol “&” for it. This particular symbol is actually called as “Ampersand” in English punctuation. Let’s explore what ampersand is all about and how it is useful for us in our written communication.(…)

How to Write Acknowledgment for a Thesis, Dissertation or a Book

How to Write Acknowledgements for Report or Thesis In any thesis or report, acknowledgement page always comes in the beginning of the project. Usually, this page is included just after Table of Contents. This page is properly numbered with indent text. As far as the length is concerned, there is no restriction. The basic purpose(…)

Definition and Examples of a Thesis

Definition of a Thesis Thesis is considered as a statement used in works of fiction or nonfiction. Works that the writer tries to prove and support through thesis. Thesis statements along with its examples are mostly found in the start of literary works. Such statements are extremely important because they present themselves as indicators of(…)

How to Write Dedication Page for a Thesis, Dissertation or a Research Paper

Writing About Dedication Samples Dedication page is the part of any thesis, dissertation or a research paper. What is a Dedication Page in a Thesis or Research Paper This part is, basically, a source to offer warmest gratefulness of the writer towards any other person for whom he wish to pay honor. Dedication page always(…)

A Critical Essay on Lady Macbeth

Critical Essay on Commanding and Powerful Woman Lady Macbeth Lady Macbeth is the single most dominant female character in both classical and modern literature. Shakespeare painted her a commanding woman with an absolute lack of humanity and a deadly lust for power (whilst not doing the same for her spouse, Macbeth). Her inhumanity can be(…)

All You Need to Know About Slash/Stroke

What is a Slash in English Language Let’s learn the definition, history and usage of Slash/Stroke in English language and punctuation. Definition of a Slash The type of punctuation mark that is applied in English language for mathematical and differentiation purposes is called as the slash. Slash is written as “/”. It is often called(…)

Nouns, Nouns, Everywhere Nouns

All About Nouns and Types of Nouns Nouns, nouns, nouns; remember the days when we’d be sitting in school, faces wrinkled with resentment, and minds resonating with but one question, “Just when will all this preaching about types of nouns come to an end?” And then the day finally arrived; we moved on from elementary(…)