Tips to write the perfect resume, job objectives, CV template development for effective leadership and management positions. Master the art of performance reviews, self assessments, interview thank you email and complaint letters, letters of appreciation and authorization.


Elements of persuasive writing, APA, MLA and citation style guides,critical analysis, litereary criticism, thesis statements, literature reviewscholalry writing, introductions, conclusions and bibliography examples. Learn the basic skills required to conduct a methodical research with appropriate techniques.


Learn to develop sentence structures with the right use of verbs, tenses, parallel sentences, compound and complex sentences, adjectives and clauses.


Techniques and rules for sales pitches, marketing materials, advertising brochures, business emails, projects briefs, portfolio managementSWOT analysis,  impact presentations, white papers, mission statement, internal business plan and executive summaries.

A word after a word after a word is power

Learn the art of crafting thoughts, ideas and plan into words and sentences. You will learn everything from expository to persuasive types along with dabblings in creative, academic, essay structures, corporate writing and high impact business documentation. Explore the world of fiction in scripts, screenplays and stories. Delve into the bonafides of academic and research projects. For the creatives, we have deliberations on the mechanics of poetry, story and journal writing.  You might be a professional looking to finish up a letter, plan, template or an executive summary or you might be one the lucky ones who are on the way to write or publish your book! Here, we give all the knicks and knacks of the publishing marathon.


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We are equipped with expert personnel that are well versed in English writing, research conduction and the art of word play that captures the attention and retains interest. It is the effective interplay of vocabulary and writing skills that makes a concept understandable and easily deliverable to audience. Get instant guidance and help in terms of writing effectively, advice on using tools related to editing, proofreading and documentation. Learn how to carefully document your writing by proofreading and editing them through the use of latest tools and techniques. Have access towards the basic tips and rules for creating an impact through word play.