10 of the Best Productivity Apps for Writers and Bloggers

Being Productive Writer and Blogger in Modern Times: Smartphone Apps to Increase Productivity When it comes to productivity in modern era, things are a bit different as compared to what they used to be. A large chunk of productivity has been shifted to smart phones instead of computers, it is very simply done. Smart phone(…)

7 Tips For Better Modern Day Storytelling

Tips for Better Storytelling: How to Tell a Story Storytelling has become a forgotten art, gone are the days when people used to sit around fire in a comforting circle and tell stories of their life or fiction. However, several people are still practising the art of storytelling in the modern world, the world which is(…)

5 Ways To Improve Your Twitter Engagement

Each one Tweet speaks to a chance to demonstrate your voice and reinforce that association with your adherents. Including a hashtag, photograph or feature to Tweets without a doubt makes them richer and it brings you more client engagement. Numerous individuals make social networking records accepting their group of onlookers will characteristically captivate with every(…)

How to Write a Literature Review

Literature Review: What is a Review of Literature Review of literature or Literature Review, in educational research, has great significance for scientists and writers. It is necessary to rely on review of literature in research to ensure credibility of the paper as it is impossible for the scientists to examine every new research paper in(…)

What is Operational Research and Techniques and Methods Involved in Operational Research

What is Operational Research Let’s read about what is operational research and history of operational research. Brief Note About Operational Research Technically, OR or operational research is the usage of progressive analytic techniques in order to improve and enhance the construction of a decision. Operational research is also seldom called management science, operations research or(…)

5 Best Keyboards for Writers in iOS 8

When Apple went ahead with the announcement of iOS 8, one of the biggest changes that was introduced was the support for third party keyboards. This is something Apple fans wanted for a long time, and something that has been long available on Android. When Apple announced this feature, fans rejoiced and several third party developers(…)

The Asterisk in English Punctuation| Definition, Examples and Guided Usage

Definition of The Asterisk Asterisk literally means ‘little star’ (Greek origin) and this is very true because this graphic symbol actually is like a star (*). Correct Pronunciation of the Asterisk The name of this character is quite often mispronounced. Sometimes it is pronounced as ‘aste-ricks’ or ‘aste-rix’. But its actual pronunciation is ‘aste-risk’. This(…)