Five Best Ways to Promote Your Website or Blog

Online Marketing Tips: Proven Ways to Market Your Website or Blog There is myth that has been going on the internet ever since people started blogging and creating websites to earn profit, according to the myth, it isn’t actually necessary to spend any amount on the promotion of your website. For those who are wondering(…)

Tips to Market Your Product Using Instagram

How to Use Instagram for Marketing and Get Effective Results Instagram is currently the ‘in’ thing and provides 15 times more engagement than Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter or any of the other social network out there. Instagram is no longer a simple photo sharing app. Getting a mention on the Hollywood movie “The Internship” is(…)

Top Blogging Platforms: Best Places to Start a Blog

How to Choose the Best Blogging Platform for You Blogging is one of the fastest growing habits on the internet, many amateur writers who are still in the early stages of their writing prefer blogging as a way of getting their content out on the internet where people of their social circles and from different(…)

Critical Analysis on Their Eyes Were Watching God

About the Passionate Author Zora Neale Hurston The inception of praiseworthy writer Zora Neale Hurston took place on January 7th in Notasulga, 1891. She got herself enrolled in Howard University and got one of her first story published in literary magazine of the university. Then she migrated to New York and became an extremely prominent(…)

Things to Know About Good Domain Names

Starting a New Website? Good Domain Name Picking Tips When it comes to internet, domain names play a vital role. Specially if you are looking to start a new website. It can be said that domain names are more or less the internet equivalent of real estate. Still not getting it? For example, if you want(…)

APA Format for Referencing and APA Citation Style Guide

APA Format for References : APA Referencing Style Guide In this article you will learn about APA formatting and citation style in detail. This article introduces the significant aspects of APA referencing and the ways you can write this style in your paper. APA- American Psychological Association style for referencing which can help a researcher(…)

What is Research? Definition, Types, Characteristics and Purpose of Research

Research Definition: What is Research Let’s keep the definition of research less complicated and easy to understand. What does research mean? Research is the procedure that involves gathering and searching of required data or information. This procedure takes place to solve a specific problem or question related to the topic. If you see it rationally(…)

8 Microsoft Office 2013 Keyboard Shortcuts To Memorize

Accessibility Made Easy: Keyboard Board Shortcuts for Microsoft Office 2013 One big plus point of using Microsoft Office suite is the ease and compatibility of all its programs. From Word to Excel to Access, the interface, design, tools, features and the overall feel of each of its programs remain pretty much the same. Learn to(…)